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Category:Trinket items - DDO wiki Apr 4, 2017 ... Please create an account or log in to build a reputation and unlock more editing ... Items that can go in the Trinket slot. ...... Reclaiming the Rift, End Chest ; Menace of the Underdark: The Queen of ... Planar Focus of Subterfuge. RIFT Archives - Endgame Viable I haven't played RIFT since the couple of weeks I played RIFT Prime. .... I found out later that you can unlock the newer souls by spending Planarite at a ... Here was the fishing hub a bit north of the first porticulum, where the planar ... Unfortunately, you only get two character slots, so you have to choose your calling wisely.

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Planar Fragments in Starfall Prophecy - nordvegrguild.com Forums » Rift » Planar Fragments in Starfall Prophecy » » Tweet. Planar Fragments in Starfall Prophecy . 1 reply ... rather they have their own gear slots on a separate interface in the character screen. Currently there are 11 open slots, and 8 additional locked slots, ... " Planar fragments " is where you slot them into the appropriate ... rift item:Planar Focus :: Wiki :: Rift :: ZAM rift item:Planar Focus A Planar Focus is an item that is equipped on the player like a piece of armor or weapon. There are different types of Planar Focus', with each one opening more or less slots to put in Planar Essence items.

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/Loadequip x loads your saved gear and planar fragment set (Pretoi on the forums) Q: “How do I unlock the right side fragment slots?” A: These are currently locked until a future content update. Trion has not given any details about when this will be. updated summary: Refer to the following list to help reduce and avoid RNG on planar fragments.