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Unlock Sam’s poker items to give the Inventory a noir makeover, with Sam dressed in his best tuxedo to match. Poker Night 2's dialogue remains a major highlight and it's a lot of fun to discover new lines. At times Brock will furrow his brow and check in an intimidating tone when unhappy.

Poker Night 2 - The cast is the best part about this game. You get put at a poker table with Sam (Sam & Max series), Claptrap (Borderlands 1 & 2), Brock Samson (Venture Brothers), Ash (Evil Dead), and the dealer, GlaDOS (Portal 1 & 2). The dialogue between these characters is the main reason to play this game. Poker Night 2 (Video Game 2013) - Poker Night 2 (Video If you're a serious poker player like I am, Full House Poker is a much better XBOX live game (and it's also free), however I have had a lot of fun with Poker Night 2 just because of the insanity in the banter (like watching Brock almost lose his mind while arguing with ClapTrap etc). All in all, 6 1/2-7 Stars. Poker Night 2 / Funny - TV Tropes A page for describing Funny: Poker Night 2. In the reveal trailer, Brock plays The Walking Dead and quickly gets frustrated with everyone's suggestions. there was a contest on the Telltale forums to see if the fans could come up with some funny quotes or dialogue …

May 1, 2013 ... Brock Samson, Claptrap, Ash and Sam are your opponents, while GLaDOS ... Poker Night 2 is exactly what it sounds like, a poker game, but poker has ... The dialogue and character interactions are the real meat of the game.

The major selling point of both Poker Night at the Inventory and its sequel is the ... According to Telltale Games, each game has more dialogue than a standard Sam and ... ...a pair of Kings. ...a pair of Aces. ...two pair. ...three of a kind. ...four of a kind! .... Brock: Now she haunts the lifeless labs of Aperture Science, performing ... Claptrap's Dialogue | Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki | FANDOM ... Claptrap's Dialogue. Edit ... It's just my 2012 Spike Video Game Award for " Character of the Year." GLaDOS: It looks familiar. ... I love it when two Silverbacks fight for dominance! Whoah! ..... (Brock passes his head in a hand in annoyance) ...or. Sam's Dialogue | Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki | FANDOM ...

All of Brock's table reactions in Poker Night 2. WARNING: Frequent course language and "colourful" imagery.

Jun 19, 2013 ... It failed to really bring me into the world and while the dialogue was ... Enter Poker Night 2, the next installation featuring new characters and matching ... ( Sam and Max), Claptrap (Borderlands), Brock Samson (Venture Bros.) ... Poker Night 2 for iPhone/iPad Reviews - Metacritic May 23, 2013 ... Metacritic Game Reviews, Poker Night 2 for iPhone/iPad, Take the fifth ... in at a table featuring Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.) ... dialogue from an interesting collection of characters, Poker Night 2 ... Poker Night 2 | The International House of Mojo s Brock or Claptrap from Borderlands, but that doesn't really seem to matter. ... It isn't that different from its predecessor, but the improved AI and dialogue ... Finally: The actual biggest issue I have with Poker Night 2 is not the fault of the game. Wot I Think: Poker Night 2 | Rock Paper Shotgun Apr 27, 2013 ... Ever wanted to play poker with Claptrap, Sam & Max, Brock from The ... But then of course the game would reveal just how little dialogue there ...

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A description of tropes appearing in Poker Night 2. So, an Irish Wolfhound detective and his insane lagomorph friend, a talkative Pandoran robot, a zombie- … Poker Night 2 / Funny - TV Tropes A page for describing Funny: Poker Night 2. In the reveal trailer, Brock plays The Walking Dead and quickly gets frustrated with everyone's suggestions. Poker Night 2 - Army of Darkness Room Gameplay - YouTube Another themed room, probably my second favorite, the Army of Darkness remodeling of The Inventory. The pacing of this one was sort of…Late Poker Night 2 Review - The Late way around minimising any repetitive dialogue is by unlocking new decorations for The Inventory. As you win or lose a game of poker, you are rewarded with a certain amount of tokens that can be used in unlocking and activating a … Poker night 2 cheats outrageously — Telltale Community